Portable Site Vault Hire

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Whether you require portable accommodation hire, portable building hire, or transportable building hire in Australia, our shipping container hire options offer you unmatched versatility and reliability.

The Ultimate Solution for Efficient Site Storage and Comfort

Nova’s site vaults offer a unique and versatile solution that combines both a lunchroom and a storage unit in a single container, making them an ideal choice for compact sites. Our 6.0 x 2.4m vault comes equipped with essential features including a fixed sink unit, boiling water unit, air conditioning/heating, lock box on the door, and a security grille on the window.


Whether you need efficient site storage, a comfortable lunchroom, or a secure storage solution, Nova’s site vaults are designed to meet your needs with convenience and innovation.


You have the choice to pick up from our facility or we can deliver and install for you.

6.0m x 2.4m SITE VAULT

container office


Nova Site Vaults offer enhanced security with robust, tamper-resistant construction and advanced locking mechanisms, effectively safeguarding tools and materials on your construction site.

Yes, Nova Site Vaults are suitable for small construction sites and designed to fit limited spaces while providing secure storage.

Yes, you can customise the interior of a Nova Site Vault to meet specific storage requirements, including shelving, partitions, and climate control options.

Nova Site Vaults offer enhanced security with sturdy construction, lockable doors, and, in some models, advanced security systems to safeguard contents.