Electrical Control Room

Control Rooms for Industrial Efficiency

Nova Portable Buildings presents an oasis of calm and control with our modular electrical control rooms. Designed to provide a regulated area amidst the bustling activity of your facility, these rooms  are equipped with sound-dampening panels to significantly reduce external noise. Ideal for both high-priority office tasks and overseeing facility operations, Nova’s control rooms offer a perfect blend of serenity, functionality and we can build it to your site specifications.

The Importance of Custom Electrical Control Rooms

In today’s fast-paced industrial and commercial environments, the need for a dedicated, noise-reduced space is more critical than ever. Nova Portable Buildings excels in providing these essential modular electrical control rooms. Our expertise in designing spaces that effectively minimize external noise and disruptions makes us the ideal choice. Whether for managing machinery, controlling traffic flow, or ensuring office work, Nova’s control rooms are synonymous with enhanced efficiency and productivity.

Case Study

The Challenge:

The challenge was twofold: first, to design a control room that could integrate seamlessly with the existing infrastructure while housing all necessary electrical components. Second, to ensure the construction process was efficient and aligned with the client’s operational requirements, including minimal disruption to the existing setup.

Our Solution:

 Nova Portable Buildings stepped in with their expertise in custom modular solutions. They designed a 9m x 3.5m control room, meticulously planned to accommodate the specific needs of ARA.

Features 9m x 3.5m

portable office stairs
wiring layout
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module pull out

Nova's Expertise in Modular Electrical Control Rooms

Our control booths are not just spaces; they are engineered environments designed to foster focus and efficiency. Equipped with sound-dampening technology and customizable for various uses, our rooms stand as a testament to Nova’s commitment to innovative, practical, and adaptable building solutions. Trust Nova to deliver a control room that transforms the way you manage your facility’s dynamics.


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