Innovative Design and Security with Nova Portable Buildings' Modular Gatehouses

Nova Portable Buildings is a leader in designing and constructing modular gatehouses that combine security, functionality, aesthetics and your specific on site requirements. Our gatehouses are tailored to meet the specific security and monitoring needs of various sites, including industrial facilities, corporate campuses, and residential communities.

Success in Action:
Custom-Designed Gatehouse for GB Galvanizing

Dive into our case study where we worked closely with GB Galvanizing to design their new gatehouse office. This project demonstrates our versatility in working with different materials and delivering turnkey solutions that result in exceptional customer satisfaction.

Case Study

Gatehouse Office Solution for GB Galvanizing

Client Location: 

Dandenong, Vic

The Challenge:

GB Galvanizing required a new gatehouse office that was functional, secure, and aesthetically pleasing. While Nova typically doesn’t work with timber, we embraced the challenge to meet the client’s specific requirements.

Our Solution:

We delivered a custom 12 x 4m Gatehouse Office with a timber decking, achieving a balance of functionality, visibility, and design appeal. The project showcases our commitment to providing bespoke solutions and achieving high levels of customer satisfaction.

Features of the Lunchroom

deliver portable office
office houce plan
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Nova Portable Buildings' Expertise in Gatehouse Design

Our modular gatehouses are designed not just for security but also to enhance the entrance aesthetics of your facility. Each gatehouse is carefully planned to provide optimal visibility, comfort for staff, and a welcoming appearance for visitors.


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