This varies by location. Your local council can advise whether you will need a town planning and/or building permit. Their assessment will depend on your building size and usage. Nova is always happy to guide you through this application process.

Unfortunately, no. Nova is not allowed apply for or obtain permits on a customer’s behalf. 

We can however provide you with:

Structural engineering certification.

Thermal engineering certification.

As factory built DWG.

It is the customers responsibility to organise the following:

Architectural DWGs

Building surveyor services

Soil report assessments

Yes! We hire & sell. We have a huge hire fleet and also offer a large range of stock for purchase.

In addition, we offer customisations on all our portables and can build from scratch to suit your portable needs.

Please give us a call to speak to our specialised team who can offer you the best solution for your needs!

Our minimum hire period 2 months.

Yes, for portables located in a metropolitan area. We are passionate about getting the most out of our buildings and will happily complete major refurb in our factory returning the building to the customer as good as new portable to continue life of the building.

Nova can build to any size to meet your needs. Nova will assess your site to help you scope the size of the building needed.

Nova will also ensure all trucks and vehicles can access your site to ensure safe and efficient delivery.

Most popular buildings can be up to 16m in Length and up to 4m in width (depending on Vic Roads restriction). Anything over 3m will require permits &/or Escorts.

Complexes are multiple sections (floors) put together to make a larger footprint i.e.  30m x 12m (10 floors @ 12×3’s).

Nova provides a 12 month manufacturer’s warranty in Victoria.

Yes, you will. However, Nova does also offer insurance waiver (refer our T&C’s for hire)

We offer EPS and/or X-Flam. Both offer width 50mm, 75mm & 100mm.

Color selection is dependent on availability of Colorbond coil from supplier but wherever available we are happy to provide your preferred colour.

We use 2mm Armstrong Vinyl. Unlike other manufacturers, we believe the floors need to be thick and durable.  Our vinyl comes in standard as well as slip resistant. We also offer carpet & carpet tiles.

Our team can recommend the best option based the intended use of your portable.

We pride ourselves on delivering excellent products with competitive timelines.

We will work with you to determine the timelines alongside your needs. Choosing a modular structure will be more time effective than building on site and mean no mess on site and whilst we are building you can prepare any site works that are required in readiness for the delivery on the day.

Nova have trained staff who can assess you with this either over the phone or organise a site inspection if your site is in Victoria.

Yes you can! Talk to our staff and they can recommend what type of vehicle you’ll need for your pickup.

Many of our interstate customers organise their own pickup as backloads are more affordable.

Yes we do! Our portables have been sourced as far as WA, Darwin & Townsville.

Nova standard portables are built to w50 wind category. Cyclonic structures can also be built however engineering assessment is required, Nova can also arrange this for you.

Nova have trained staff that can assess this for you and/or provide engineering assessment where required. Nova’s engineers will provide recommendations for means or type of Levelling/Piers to be constructed.

Placement of your portable is recommended on a sturdy ground not on grassy area for protection against wear/rusting of your chassie over time. Compact /bitumen/concrete/gravel is best if placing straight on ground.

No. We do not organize external service connections. However, have reputable businesses that we recommend and can provide you with contact details.

If you have a remote site please tell your consultant.

They will help you to assess the following:

Do you need a generator plug?

Do you need Waste Tank under your baseframe?

Do you need your ablution designed for pumpout with tank as your baseframe?


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