Portable Holding Tank Hire

Portable Holding Tank Hire With Reliable Waste Management at Nova Portable Buildings

Nova leads the way in portable holding tank hire. Our range of tanks, designed for easy maintenance, ensures hassle-free waste management beneath toilet blocks. When it comes to waste solutions, Nova stands out as the preferred choice, offering efficient and dependable services.

Top Tier Portable Waste Management

Our tanks, strategically positioned below toilet blocks, simplify the regular pumping process. Nova’s commitment to efficient waste management makes us the ultimate destination for your waste solution needs.


office portable

2,500 Litre Holding Tank 3.6

3,500 Litre Holding Tank 4.8

4,000 Litre Holding Tank 6×3


The frequency of pump-outs for holding tanks typically depends on usage volume, but it’s generally recommended to schedule them weekly or bi-weekly.

During the rental period, maintenance and support services for holding tanks can include regular pump-outs, cleaning, and technical support to ensure optimal functionality.

Yes, emergency pump-out services are usually available for holding tanks to address urgent needs or unexpected issues.